We would gladly make a documentary film about an event you've planed. Whether
it is a business party which shall be caught on video for the emplyées or a for-sell video for visitors of your event: caused by our business structure and the good
cooperations with other firms, we have the opportunity to realize such a production at a very fair price. As filming format we usually choose Mini-DV, our standard camera is the Sony TRV-900. Our experience says, that you can easily reach TV quality with Mini-DV already now, however, the costs are much lower in comparison with e.g. a Beta format. But, of course, if there should be any reason that makes Mini-DV inopportune for you, we are prepared to change the format. Also in this case we are keen on offering you the best price which is possible.

Our biggest project in this section:
Documentation of the
Location: Cologne
Length: 90 minutes
Use: video was sold at the convention visitors
Content: Interviews with guest stars, convention impressions (3 days)
Miracle Images Verlags GmbH (Star Wars Magazine)

Some impressions from the video:

Interview with Steve Sansweet,
director of marketing content at
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Interview with Warwick Davis,
well known as Ewok in Episode VI,
Willow and from Harry Potter
Interview with Rick McCallum,
producer of the new Star Wars
movies (Episode I to III)
The video includes lots of impressions from the event, e.g.
live acts on stage, ......
...... the march of the imperial
troops through Cologne's town center, ......
...... the convention museum with
many authentic requsites
and very much more

video cover: