In summer 2000 we began to publish short films via internet. We have made, if you want, feature films with comedian content. Justily, we can term ourselves "first movers" of a new kind of publishing short feature films. New because until then we were used to watch such kind of internet film material streamed in quite bad
quality. The main reason for that was or is the missing possibility of fast downloads. However, we proved that you can reach a better quality in these days of fast spreading broadband internet, as far as you don't make the movie too long. The medium film flows in more and more in the medium internet. Technical news and
improvements will make the internet become the videothek of the future. It will be also suitable for moving commercial pictures. Because of all that, we are proud of being already now able to call ourselves professionals in this case! So, we are also at your disposal, if you need some advice depending film material in connection with
your internet presence.

Our most popular short film project:
Lenghth: 3 minutes
Watchers: about 100000 (January 2002)
Download at